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We are happy to have you on this page – welcome! Here, there are more than Ninety bio fonts made available just for you. So, do you seek to make your bio all-fancy? Then here is the right place to be. Our fonts are designed in such a way that you can copy and use them for other purposes across the net other than your Instagram bio. Particularly, they are useful on social media platforms that do not allow users to style their texts in any form, be it bold, underline, italics, or what-a-view.

For example, making use of bold texts to highlights crucial points in your posts in these sites can help a great deal in attracting readers to these relevant sections of your post. Remember, “skimming” is like the new order of the internet age.” Besides, applying stylish fonts like those made use of on this site is quite handy in drawing users’ attention to your tweets/posts/etc. Instantly.

Instagram fonts were mainly designed to allow you to add your choice of fonts to your bio on Instagram. However, we hope that you find these fonts useful when executing other operations of writing too.

How does Fonts For Instagram work?

To explain this, we can either go short or long. For the sake of comprehensiveness and clarity, we are going to be treating both.

The short explanation

By now, you should have known that your keyboard hides certain characters from you. Well, if you don’t, now you know! The reason, however, isn’t far-fetched. There are just roughly 100 characters on your keyboard, and this isn’t because there aren’t more, but instead, because there aren’t spaces to fill these characters in anymore. Factually, there are a few characters available – up to tens of thousands.

Initially, there were just 128 characters until Unicode came into the scene and began the support of unlimited numbers of characters.

Ever since then, Unicode standard betters yearly, and this as seen to the incorporation of even more chapters, and emojis too! Well, we will be safe also to say emojis are textual characters. And having a keyboard with keys for emojis is yet another plus for an enjoyable typing experience.

So, what we are trying to say in essence is that there are more characters available than those you see on your keyboard. But then, how can you generate these stylish fonts – italic/fancy/bold – texts from our site and paste them into another site entirely? Well, a few of these characters actually look similar to the regular alphabets found on your keyboard. A few of them were added mainly for linguists, mathematicians, and other academicians so they can be able to express their formulae and equations as they converse in their emails or on any other plausible platforms. Also, a few of them were also added for countries that need them to have effective communication — for example, Latin characters, which are added to augment the full-stretch of Japanese characters.

So, the explanation above is a testament to how we came about these funky and fancy text fonts available as and today. However, definitely, some of these fonts are not proper characters. I mean, many of them were just strung together into a set that takes resemblance of a particular alphabet.

The Long Explanation

This one starts by featuring an international org. – Unicode. This organization handles the international standard that concerns itself with how textual characters get converted from numbers.

Simply put – Unicode was the best solution to the steadily spreading and crucial problem that this era of internet and computing is faced with. Consequently, questions such as “how will my computer have an effecting communication with other computers if their languages do not mutually agree?”

There were a few popular languages in the early ‘80s, and one such was ASCII, I.e., the American Code for Information Interchange. In the simplest of expressions, ASCII used to be – and is still – a set of simple conversion rules when characters are formed via the transformation of numbers.

The initial ASCII specification consisted of 128 characters, the reason being that the most significant number possible with 7 bits happens to be 128! However, what about computers that make use of 8 bits? What will be their fate? Are they going to share the same scenario – 128 characters? Well, yes. Although, the 8th bit is usually used for coding pages and operations that are domain-specific – I.e., 256 characters, the maximum that can be represented by 8 bits. These ones can either be used by an entire country for non-Latin characters or by businesses for their special encoding. But then, there is really more to this kind of approach.

Firstly, a few more languages, such as Chinese, have more than 128 characters.

Secondly, how easy can an individual read or write a document that consists of character sets from 2 different code pages? This, therefore, justifies our need for even more characters!

And then, the introduction of Unicode came to the rescue! In the early ‘80s, a bunch of computer engineers and scientists joined heads together to create a lasting solution to this seemingly increasing issue. And this brought about the invention of an encoding that operated in the backward direction, such that it is compatible with the ASCII. This translates that for the first 128-character sets, ASCII and Unicode specifications are actually the same thing.

That is to say, a program that was initially designed only for ASCII characters can also read a chain of Unicode-encoded numbers, at least the first 128 characters.

Having said all of these, how relevant are they to Instagram fonts?

Basically, Unicode had successfully launched an international encoding standard for even very large sets of new characters. This means that up to ten thousand new characters are viable of been introduced, and are capable of serving any purpose or language as it may be desired – even including emojis! And ultimately, this has caused the introduction of several characters that share a resemblance with the regular characters on your keyboard, either by design or by mistake

As plenty as the characters in Unicode is, even more fancy text fonts – Instagram texts and Instagram symbols, especially – are getting discovered. You will definitely discover exciting characters that look slightly like alphanumerical ones when you check through the Unicode characters, and from there, you can build your own font too.



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Font is a very helpful instrument for digital marketing Of course, a font alone will not transform your online store, but it can be a very efficient tool. Design plays a key role in perception, so you have to do all possible to make it as appealing as possible. And thus the result will come.

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