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It will not get much more varied than that

So might be smart to get flames and include starforce into 25* since present format wouldn't work for damage cap removal because ems old format would provide you about 10-15k stat more which is far better than gms format however that would indicate all ideal flames so 60stat 6 percent all + flamed results which is a pain for.

Eh, as somebody who's spent considerable quantities of time with both of these courses (Mained Aran before Reboot because their release, and since have mained Dawn Warrior on Reboot), Aran makes use of more than just swing when coaching. While bossing you will probably just spam swing+beyonder or last blow + beyonder but if you are training you've leeway to use Aran's wide variety of Buy Maplestory Mesos abilities that retain great utility well into higher levels. Perhaps the inputs seem too simple to me after using Aran for quite a very long time, but I don't feel they are that complicated. Regardless, once you've discovered them, coaching becomes fairly diverse, at your will at least.

Meanwhile Dawn Warriors don't have quite as much variety in the future. The Dawn Warrior's Equinox Time Skill makes it so you always switch between two skills while fighting based on what position enthusiast you have energetic, they are a class to consider if you want variation. They get two assaulting abilities (without long cooldowns) at 4th job. Moon Dancer/Speeding Sunset is only really used for 1v1 situations, since it's a single target ability. Crescent Divide/Solar Pierce is utilized for mobbing, and occasionally bossing, but there's not much overlap between the two abilities' uses, but you see the alternating cartoons so to some it might feel like using four abilities.

As a Dawn Warrior training you pretty much just junk their mobbing ability, alternating between the two stances. When bossing you utilize the other skill and do the same. It will not get much more varied than that, so that they don't really compare to Aran. Dawn Warrior just might appear super diverse on the outside but once you play with it through 4th job for some time the switching stances will start to feel like one skill and it will not be quite interesting. The falling swords strike that incapacitates enemies is trendy but has a big cooldown. Their hyper skill is pretty cool but the cooldown is like 30 seconds as well.

Occasionally if I get REALLY bored I will use my other previous abilities since they have small quantities of usefulness as a rush kind attack or a pulling assault but that's pretty much it. Aran simply has more variety. Edit: As Xenomata stated earlier, Thunder Breakers also have some variant, because they have a cool system that lets you connect any one of their attacks. Allowed, Thunder Breaker training for me has essentially boiled down into spamming Thunderbolt -> Annihilate over and above with the occasional flash to reach new enemies or the gale to catch the enthusiast and what not, so that I don't think they are as varied as Aran.

In fact, even Dawn Warriors get to alternate between stances with Maplestory2 Mesos their two separate attacking skills based upon the event... Thunder Breakers simply mixup involving their three attacking skills all of the time.

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